Interesting Binaural Beats Scientific Studies

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Binaural beats have plenty of benefits as stated in our article abut the many benefits of binaural beats. Many individuals are trying to find out if there is any research to back up the benefits of binaural beats.

Today, we will not only share with you such research reports but also back it up with proper case studies.

Most people have heard of the famous study by Gerald Oster but there are many others who confirm and expand on his findings.

With the help of these case studies, you will not only be able to find out if binaural beats work but learn how they work but also find plenty of details about binaural beats and how they effect your brain.

Interesting Studies on the Effects of Binaural Beats:

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1. Study backing muscle pain relief from binaural beats:

Most of the studies which have been done on binaural beats have been done to ascertain some of the benefits of binaural beats.

In the study which we are speaking about today, 40 individuals underwent stimulation of photic type to lessen the muscle pain which they were facing.

According to the study, majority of the individuals reported a reduction in pain after exposure to such stimulation.

In addition to that, there are quite a few other studies which backed the fact that brainwave entrainment and specifically binaural beats help in reducing muscle pain.[1]

2. Study backing stress reduction:

In a trial which was conducted on 108 participants, alpha and beta beats were used to lessen the anxiety of the individuals.

Most of the individuals reported that they were more relaxed and could think better at the end of the study.

stress free binaural beatsMoreover, these studies also highlighted that theta stimulation resulted in better handling of stress by most of the individuals.

As a result, depending on the exact frequency or type of binaural beats which you are using, you will be able to reduce the stress quite easily.

The studies highlighted the fact that binaural beats are much more than just an aid to meditate. [2] 

3. Study backing increased life:

With the help of binaural beats and other brain entrainment methods, it was confirmed that heart rate variability can be increased.

The study was done on individuals in the age range of 20 to 70.

Higher heart rate variability indicates better lifespan and better psychological and cognitive abilities.

Thus, it means that not only is the individual able to lead a longer life but also the cognitive functions of the individual will be better during the old age. [3]

happy while listening to binaural beats

Over a longer period of time, there has been plenty of research done on brain entrainment technology as well as binaural beats.

The people behind Holosync have done a lot of research into brain entrainment and binaural beats for example.

Owing to this very reason, each and every benefit of binaural beats is backed by a proper study.

This ensures that rather than just trying out brain entrainment, you will be able to use it specifically for the benefit which you intend to gain.

With the help of the studies, you will be able to use binaural beats with complete confidence.

Thus, you can cure or reduce the severity of various ailments using binaural beats.

Holosync in Action





How to Use Binaural Beats?

using binaural beats

The effectiveness of binaural beats is known to most of the individuals. The binaural beats can actually help you in inducing certain emotional as well as physical states in your body.

The problem, however, is that most of the people are not familiar with the technique which they have to use in order to make binaural beats most effective for them.

Today we will solve this problem for you by sharing with you the most effective ways to use binaural beats.

Using Binaural Beats

Things you will need:

  • Device to play the audio programs (Smartphone, MP3 player etc.)
  • Stereo headphones or stereo earphones

How To Use Binaural Beats

Now that you are past the question of do binaural beats work? Let us delve into the procedure of using binaural beats.

Step 1:

The 1st thing which you have to do is to get into a room or other premises which is free of any kind of distractions.

Binaural BeatsYou need to also understand that it should be completely quite so that you are able to focus on the binaural beats.

Also, you have to free yourself from any cognitive or mental activities which require critical thinking.

Only when your mind is at rest, you can focus on the beats.

In order to gain the benefits, it is important to concentrate on the beats rather than any other activity.


Step 2:

You have to use the headphones in order to listen to the binaural beats. You have to listen to the binaural beats with complete concentration.

At the same point in time, you have to ensure that it requires around 7 minutes just to fall in sync with the binaural beats.

You have to at least continue the session for 20 to 30 minutes in order to experience any benefits.

In case, you want to meditate with the help of binaural beats, you have to not only select the beats of right frequency but also focus on a single object like a candle or any other object which is present in the premises.

In case, you are meditating with the help of binaural beats for the 1st time around, it is a better idea to try meditating with closed eyes.


Step 3:

Once you try to syndicate with the binaural beats, it is important to remain in the same position and frame of mind for the next 20 to 30 minutes.

Also, if you’re not able to gain any benefits in the 1st session itself, it is a good idea to conduct multiple sessions so that you are able to witness significant benefits.

binaural beats playing in headphonesAs you can see, the procedure to use the binaural beats is pretty easy.

Moreover, in order to gain extensive benefits from binaural beats, you have to use the right frequencies.

You can learn more about the frequencies from my other articles posted on this website. Be sure to browse through them as you may be surprised by what you learn.

We have also highlighted some of the benefits of brain entrainment in our article about the benefits of using this technology to help you better understand whether it will be beneficial for you in the longer run or not.


Brainwave States From Alpha to Gamma And What They Mean For You


The popularity of binaural beats is increasing day by day. Most of the people are aware of the numerous benefits of binaural beats and other brainwave entrainment technologies.

The brainwave state you are in determines the state of your mind and body.

Moreover, we have also highlighted some such benefits in our article about the benefits of brain entrainment.

Now that most of the people are aware of answers to questions like how to start using your binaural beats recordings, do binaural beats really work?

We will go into the details of the different types of binaural beats

Brainwave States

Binaural beats can be divided into 5 different types depending on the frequency.

The state of the brain which can be induced will be dependent on the frequency of the beat.

We will go into the details of each and every type of brainwave below.

brainwave states


The frequency range of these beats is between 0.1 Hz to 4 Hz. These beats can induce deep sleep cycle in the individual for a longer period of time.

Also, these beats can actually reduce the cortisol in the body which reduces aging effect in the body.

The anti-aging effects of these beats are evident after 4 to 5 sessions of binaural beats.

2. Theta:

The frequency range of these beats is between 4 Hz to 8 Hz.

These beats can induce deep relaxation in the individual. Moreover, they can balance the REM sleep cycle much better.

They can also improve the thinking capability which can induce creativity in the individual.

3. Alpha:

The frequency range of these beats is between 8 Hz to 14 Hz.

These beats are primarily used for reducing stress in the body.

They also induce mild focus in the individual which ensures that they are able to focus on the task at hand better.

These beats are also responsible for the capability of an individual to learn new skills.

With the help of these beats, the individual will be able to pick up newer skills faster.


4. Beta:

The frequency range of these beats is from 14 Hz to 30 Hz.

These beats are responsible for increasing the cognitive power of the individual.

The individual is also able to take quick actions as the cognitive power is improved.

Also, these beats can help the individual in maintaining the energy levels in their body throughout the day.

5. Gamma:

The frequency range of these beats in this category is from 30 Hz to 100 Hz.

These beats are responsible for improving the memory power of the individual.

Moreover, they improve the quick thinking power of the individual as well.

Owing to this very reason, analytical thinking as well as information processing capability of the individual is increased.

Summing it All Up

Thus, as you can see each and every type of brainwave has a different benefit.

All of these benefits can be witnessed when you’re subjected to the beats consistently over a period of time.

If you want to look into some of the other benefits of these beats, you can read our article that talks about the scientific studies into the uses of binaural beats, in order to find out about interesting fact-based benefits of binaural beats.

5 Benefits of Brain Entrainment

brainwave entrainment

Many individuals are trying to figure out the exact benefits of brainwave entrainment technology. One thing which is for sure is that brainwave entrainment or audio tracks like binaural beats can help individuals immensely.

Binaural Beats & Brainwave Entrainment

You can read more about the same in our articles how to use binaural beats and do binaural beats work.

Today, however, we will go into the details of the benefits of binaural beats and give you 5 great benefits of using brainwave entrainment.

Most of us are aware of what are the most common benefits which include entering the meditative state easily with the help of binaural beats. We will now go into some of the proven benefits of binaural beats.

Brain images before and after brainwave entrainment

1. Improving attention in ADHD patients:

ADHD is an ailment which is impacting a lot of individuals across the age group. Brainwave entrainment technology has proven to improve the attention span of individuals suffering from ADHD across different age groups.

your brain with adhdAccording to research which was conducted in 1997, 34 students spanning across 2 schools were treated with the help of brainwave entrainment technology.

The teachers, as well as various students, reported significant behavioral improvements after the research period of one month in 3 weeks ended.

Thus, it is pretty clear that brainwave entrainment helps in reducing ADHD symptoms.[1]

2. Reducing anxiety:

The number of studies which have been conducted to highlight the reduction of anxiety with the help of brainwave entrainment technology are plenty.

Not only, is it helpful in reducing the anxiety but also avoiding burnout as well.

3. Biofeedback announcement:

Isochronic tones which are a part of brainwave entrainment technology are known to enhance the biofeedback in our body.

biofeedback from brainwave entrainmentWith the help of these tools, muscle relaxation was witnessed in most of the individuals.

Also, according to a study in 1981, individuals were able to avoid the involuntary physical ailments like the grinding of teeth when subjected to such tones.

Thus, the overall control of the body of the individuals actually increased significantly with the help of brainwave technology. [2]

4. Improve your cognitive function:

The brainwave technology is also capable of improving your cognitive function of individuals. This is not just limited to the memory power but also the attention span of the individuals as well as communication skills.

With the help of a shrewd cognitive function, most of the individuals were utilized brainwave entrainment reported better skill learning power as well.

5. Reducing headaches:

According to a study which was conducted in 1985, with the help of brainwave entrainment (frequencies between 5 Hz to 8 Hz), the researchers were able to provide relief from a headache to various individuals.

The brainwave entrainment was used in the photic form.[3]

Get headache relief with brainwave entrainmentThe number of studies which have been conducted on brainwave entrainment are plenty.

You can find more about the studies as well as the exact frequencies to use in our articles about scientific studies into using binaural beats, brainwave states.

With the help of numerous studies which we have highlighted above, it is more than evident that brainwave entrainment is much more than just an audio technology to help you meditate.

It has numerous benefits which can actually improve your quality of life over a longer period of time.


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Do Binaural Beats Work?

how binaural beats work

Many people are still not convinced of the effectiveness of binaural beats.

Even though there are plenty of articles highlighting the details of binaural beats and the benefits of binaural beats, there are still a lot of people are not convinced about the same. even though numerous studies confirm that binaural beats work.

We will today shed some light on the details of binaural beats and how effective they are.

In most of the cases, the research reports and studies on binaural beats does not actually take a holistic approach.

We will today try to shed some light on binaural beats as a phenomenon rather than just a selective usage.

Among the many studies which have been done on binaural beats, the largest one was accomplished by Huang and Charyton in the year 2008.

binaural beats workings

The study clearly came to the conclusion that binaural beats can actually improve your memory, focusing power and concentration power. It further added that binaural beats reduces the problems like headaches, migraines as well as stress. [1]

This is just one of the few studies which have clearly concluded that binaural beats actually work.

Maximizing the effectiveness of binaural beats

In order to gain benefits from binaural beats, it is necessary to know how to maximize the gains.

The 1st step which you have to undertake in this regard is to choose the frequency of the beats correctly.

Different frequencies are suitable for different purposes. This is the reason why you have to select the right frequency range.

You can read more about it in our article on the different brainwave states.

Moreover, you have to use binaural beats in a completely quiet environment where there are no distractions.

brainwave state chart

Once you are able to follow the proper procedure for using binaural beats, it becomes easier for you to gain the benefits.

You need to also make sure that you are using headphones to listen to binaural beats.

The headphones should be able to correctly reproduce the frequencies of the binaural beats.

Only when that is the case, you can induce the right emotional state.

Placebo effect

Placebo effect refers to the psychological effect on people when they are informed that they are under a case study.

In most of the studies revolving around binaural beats, the positive effects which people reported were much more than the effects which might have been generated by the placebo effect.

This further highlights the fact that binaural beats actually work rather than just having an influence just on the thought process of the individuals.

Placebo effect diagram

There are also numerous reviews and experiences of people on the Internet highlighting the positive effects of binaural beats.

Now that you are more than aware of the impact of binaural beats, it is time that you utilize the same for your physical and mental well-being.

With the help of binaural beats, you can easily improve your life by reducing the effects of psychological and physical ailments.